Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm going to have to cheat with this part of my triple post... However, I do have a valid reason...The smell of the paint sculpturally 'stacked' onto the giant canvasses and the feeling of being overwhelmed by their size and magnitude all forms part of the experience...
That is why I am only giving you a sneak peak..Just a corner of an image so that if you're in the Johannesburg vicinity, you'll go and experience this phenomenal exhibition of Zander Blom's new paintings yourself... I'm not going to try say more about the show because it's all about the gut feeling and the over all experience... so here is just a sneak peek... Go see the exhibition at Stevenson gallery in Braamfontein...It's on until the 9th of December
To make you more curious ...here's another grainy phone pic to keep the mystery alive...

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