Sunday, February 21, 2010


I doubt that this Banksy work needs much's another work that just (okay-let's use a cliché here...) hits the hammer on the nail.

The world isn't working-by Mark Titchner must be one of my favourite artworks at the moment.I think it says what so many artworks try to say in the most blatant manner which offers part of its charm.Despite the weight of the statement it has an amusing edge to it.I'm not necessarily a pessismist,but this work as simple and straight forward as it may be, pretty much sums up what's "happening" (politics,society,economics etc.etc.) in a pretty concise manner.The artist,Mark Titchner is a British artist who belongs to the Peres Projects stable. Check the Peres projects website here.

Mark Titchner-THE WORLD ISN'T WORKING, 2008

Monday, February 15, 2010


My best friend started a blog!..needless to say it's awesome.Go visit her at: love made me do it x


Sunday, February 14, 2010

My friend JP from eye candy blog sent me this image the other day.I love it ,so I figured why not share?Wish it was mine:P.


Gebhard Sengmüller is the man behind this clever TV image scanner to print machine.The VSSR is quite a complicated invention,which consists of an image transmission system used by Ham Radio amateurs. The machine uses broadcasts from a historic public domin tlevision system and bubblewrap (yesss..the fun stuff) to arrive at image stills transferred from the broadcasts ontor rater into teh bubble wrap.Thre is a ploter function which is involved,which works like aprinter,and by making use of 3 different colours injects the ink into th individual bubbles.These bubbles so to say end up functioning as pixels,which in the end as a whole portray a television image still.

found at today and tommorow

Thursday, February 11, 2010


If you are a Johannesburg city slicker,you might have at some point noticed this new "building" in the Rosebank area.Word has it that Everard Read have finally realized that despite making heaps and heaps of cash from the let's call it"stale" art they've been pushing, that the next generation of art investors migh not buy their works like it's going out of fashion(literally).

Hence,these fat cats did some good brainstorming and came up with a nifty plan to impress us young, biased and selective art lovers.Not only did they launch a more contemporary little brother,but they also built a monument that made it difficult not to be taken serious.Circa gallery looks like a post modern monument,designed by South African architect studio, studioMAS architects and urban design.

This gallery can be regarded as an artwork in itself and has been getting a whole lot of well deserved attention.

go visit the studioMAS here!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

//JUST BECAUSE... ...I wish I owned these.

I've found another favourite artist to add to the list.Michael is an installation artist who's work is most original.He explores the idea of a compact as well as ready made culture,which has many further themes that can be explored.Here are some of my favourite works of his I've come accross so far.

go visit his website here.