Friday, February 27, 2009


I used to love Skateboarding. I recall a special event that I guess I consider one of my skateboarding enthusiast highlights.If I'm not mistaking, this was 8 or nine years ago. Some guys from the toy Machine tneam came to South Africa to do some demos.This included Ed Templeton.He was one of my favourite skaters at that time,so I was pretty amped. The demo was pretty fun, and afterwards the team signed autographs. I stood in the crowd surrounding Templeton, patiently waiting my turn.When it was my turn, Templeton turned out to be the coolest guy.Here I was , a 15 year old girl standing with a white shirt and red marker in my hand.I got an autograph and an awesome toy machine character drawing on my shirt. Despite that, Templeton was just super friendly and a genuine dude.

Years later I bought myself an art book called L.A artists.Templeton's art was featured in the book... It reminded my of Barry McGee's work which used to appear in skate magazines pretty often back in the day.The book described his gallery installations as "reminding one of the wall of a teenagers bedroom" .Templeton's work features drawings paintings and photos taken whilst on skate tours.His work is honest and documentative,capturing the essence of youth culture, skateboarding and the wonderful inside Templeton's head.

Here are a few images:

Thursday, February 26, 2009


As I start writing this, I am not sure what this post will even be about.I guess to be honest, it is pretty uch a filler post, just to keep my blog from dying an instant death (how dramatic).

....Okay..just as I logged on to found I've ffffound my subject matter...
Let's make this a fashion tips baby post!

This last month I've been pretty lazy.This involves me taking it easy and watching lots of movies..
I have found the perfect outfit for my slouching about, too bad it's a little too pricey for my clothjing budget!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have never been very interested in documentaries.Quite honestly, they usually bore me..I read about Man on Wire in a "Best of 2008" review on the Temporary Residence Records website.Some guy from one of the Temporary Residence bands gave this quite a good rating.I became curious, as I could not quite imagine how interesting a rope walker could be.

This documentary turned out to be pretty amazing.The footage covering the rope walker Philip Petite's training and public performances is beyond being literally breathtaking.Petite walks from twin tower to twin tower.What makes this documentary is the story of how Petite and his gang managed to pull
it off.Please do yourself a favour and check it out!

Here's the site.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

//Octodons Mix (a.k.a scratching hamsters representing)

What a follow up to my vegaterian post.Came accross Stephane Vigny's art today.This is truly innovative.Hamsters in Hamster wheels hooked up to record players.My french is rather poor, so according to my translation (his site is all French), it seems that the middle Hamster controls the crossfading.

The other two hamster on the left and right are running in hamster wheels and are in control of generating the sound, as the wheel is connected to the record player arm.
The middle hamster is in charge of the cross-fading of the mix.This stimulates the sound, and controls which of the two record players become audible, or whether both are audible simultaneously.Most definitely makes hamsters seem like a whole lot more appealing species...

please check out Stephane Vigny's website here.

some good live music!
//MEAT MAKER I am definitely not a vegaterian.I don't know if I would ever be able to quit meat.Yet, I have a deep reverence for those who manage to cut meat out of their diet. These images I stumbled accross make me think twice sometimes. I keep them in my image database which I frequently browse through.They might help me at least avoid meat for a few meals a week.

a rack of ribs.

or chicken salad?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have always been quite a fan of birds. I remember owning a blue budgie when I was about 5. Within what must have been two months, I went through about 4 budgies. It was like perfect clockwork.It always happened friday nights.So on a saturday morning when I woke up , shuffling to the kitchen, I was to find out Pinochio (the cursed name of the dying budgies), had not made it through the night. I later heard that my mother often rushed out to buy a new budgie, as apparently their lifespan is much shorter than I believed it to be. I did start a budgie graveyard in the back of the garden though, where I since then buried all my deceased animals.That is where Pinochio I,II, III and IV now rest in peace.