Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been awfully neglectful when it comes to my blog.Often I tell myself that it is of no difference, as no one reads my blog anyways..Yet, nonetheless I keep writing.Even if it is just for the sake of maintenance. I've been struggling to think of "whatever' to write about.

As i'm scouting for something to write about, I've decided on writing about chocolate. Chocolate is a western commidity (if not even global)...It has harmless connotations, and one would never consider that it was produced by little children, slaving away under the pressure of exploitative labour. Well, apparenly this is the case. Large quantities of children are being trafficked to cocoa planatations in the Ivory Coast.This area is the main source of cocoa used in all chocolate produced globally.Therefore it seems that other than when you are eating Cadbury's (the only chocolate manufacturer to have agreed to the "stop trafficking laws"), you can imagine little children gathering the cocoa that puts the celulite on your ass. Moral of the story?I guess buy Cadbury's or avoid chocolate...

read up on stopthetraffik here

Chocolate Gnaw by the artist Janine Antoni.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just got a new camera. I'm pretty excited about it, as I've read a lot of good things about it lately. I don't see myself as someone who would ever fully get into photography, but I do enjoy incorporating photography into my art making process.
What's great about my Canon G10 is that it's not as difficult to operate as an SLR, yet still offers pro features and has 14.7 mega pixels.nice.

Here's the G10-small and effective!

Here are some of the first things I photographed today...,just some lasercut cardboard scraps I manipulated.