Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm a huge fan of Cape Town based artist Jonah Sack... He is one of the artist who makes me feel what I assume people on ecstasy would feel like when at a rave...lovely comparison...what I'm trying to get to is that his work has a huge effect on me. Anyways, Sack recently had a solo at the established JHB based gallery Art on Paper. I made sure not to miss it and also took some pics... Please do yourself the favour and visit the official Art on Paper site because their photos of Sack's work will be less amateur and will probably depict the works more truthfully then my lo-fi phone pics do.... The immense detail and precision of his mark making is also not captured well in these pics, so there's another reason why you need to experience his work one on one..

visit the gallery Art on Paper
& visit the artist's tumblr

photo below courtesy of AOP

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