Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have been listening to lots of stuff that I used to be into. There's simply too much music flooding the web and let's face it, it's become difficult to come across something sincere.Hence, I have been enjoying lots of 90's music again.One of the greatest 90's bands is most definitely still Sunny day real Estate. Insound brings out exclusive band editions featuring a poster a shirt and a tote bag. I was thrilled to see that the latest exclusive range was designed by Mike Perry and featured bands such as Sunny Day real Estate, The Promise Ring, Sleater Kinney and more...

Check these Perry prints out..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


where? +27 (PTA-South Africa)
when? 13th Aug.
why?City Slickers exhibition+friends.

photos by welovepictures

The art.

+My beast of a man.

+My best girlfriend.

+My best guy friends.

+more art.

+my sidekick in sisterhood

(ps..this photo is taken by me...I'm sure the difference in skill is vastly visibly...)

=good fun.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am one of those who just can not tan.Half an hour in the sun with any sunblock below 50spf will leave me with a red tint which one can equate with a a tattoo...(or at least those 3 year ones available now). I was at the sea about 2years ago and the "red tint" my legs caught has only clearly vanished by now. I came across this image the other day and figured that this might be a great way to make my lame "too much sun" results a bit more hip!Sun tattoos!Can't wait for the summer now..


I love animals.Unfortunately I stay in a complex, so the option of larger peta, such as dogs is not an option.Luckily I have a rabbit called Petzi who has obtained a dog like behaviour, so I suppose it is all the same.
Anyways, since I am somewhat pet deprived I collect a lot of animal pics.Just thought I would share some just because....

Lucky kid....a lion+a lamb!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am currently busy writing my thesis.Some of you might know that this can be a bit challenging at times. I am quick to admit that I do not have the most extended attention span. I easily get distracted and my mind enjoys going for a stroll. Today is one of the days where I just need some lightness to brave the books. Often the best place to find this is by having a browse on the interwebs:).
I came across this image which I find worth sharing.It might be slightly insensitive, but lightness was served.

image by this guy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today is perfect blogging weather. It's rainy 'n cold outside so best to stay indoors.Actually it would be ideal to just watch a bad comedy now,make myself a rich hot chocolate as well as a hot water bottle and take it easy, but let's not make the weather rob me of my "productivity". Hence, the answer is "to blog". I came across a few funny chairs the last few days, and since us lazy people like chairs, I decided to post a productivity increasing chair 9or rather functionless chairs)...

FAT CHAIR-(artwork by Erwin Wurm)
/FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK....(sorry about the lame reference.I hate ACDC, so don't even know where that came from:P)
style> comfort