Sunday, January 31, 2010


Just thought I'd share the wedding invite I did for my sis.I won't show you the backside with all the info incase there are some wedding crashers out there :p!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

//NEW RAFAEL (a.k.a Rafael Rozendaal)

I came accross this artist through listening to a Tate talk (free download via I-store).The talk deals with Non-Static Art in Static Display.This deals specifically with animations or ..........which are hosted on line and can be accessed by the public if the collector decides to make the work accessible to all.These works are often based on a more lighthearted topic,and will probably be categorized as normal entertaining gifs by those who don't look further...Why do I find these works intriguing?Simply because they embody the direction that art is going in and also provide us with art in an ordinary daily context.Enough said...

check out Rafael Rozendaal's work here: +

Since I cant incorporate one website into another,I'll just post some of his drawings based on his interactive works to at least give you something to look at...Yet,please go look at his animations,they're truly awesome!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The 87 year old artist (sculptor) passed away last week wednesday.Hlungwane had a very excentric personality to say the least.His reputation as outgoing and offbeat and definitely c had merit.About a year ago I was in Vendaland where I had the chance to meet the somewhat of a rural legend.It definitely was a memorable experience.Our guide who navigated us along the Venda Artists route said that the route no longer included Hlugwane ,as most tourist did not know what to make of his peculiar ramblings.As we arrived at Hlungwane's fort, I was greeted with statements such as "You should have 12 babies",which is apparently a usual comment.Hlungwane communicated in an excited manner telling stories about a huge sacred treeas well as about God in an innovative way which would make it diffucult for someone to defend his sanity.

The artist has exhibited internationaly,and definitely had a name recognizable by anyone with a bit of knowledge about African rural art,and hence could be regarded as sucessful.Yet,despite the sucess of his career,I found Hlugwane contently sitting under a tree in front of his house,enjoying a simple life,smokig his pipe (containing herbs that would only increase his excentricity),and not allowing the outside world to interfear.
It was definitely obvious that he was also a bit of a showman, enjoying entertaining and dazzling his visitors.I took photos of the venda legend with my Holga, for which he comfortably posed as he would for all the other gizillion tourist that had stopped by in the past .

Here are two of my Holga shots of Hlungwane...

I think Hlungwane was poiting at me here,instructing me
to "have 12 babies"! No kidding.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I saw this image on one of my favourite forums.I think it was under the "beard" thread (yes,awesome forums have threads like that).So here it is...the Siamese beard twins.I don't know who did this drawing,but I know it is titled "an extraordinary coincedence"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I came accross these on one of my favourite blog today and tomorrow.Usually it puzzles me why people waste so much time making .gifs of Santa cats or something along those lines....Yet,these by dvdp are definitely something else..... Please go visit their site...Who needs other stimulants in a time where people make .gifs like neat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I decided to make this blog post a slightly more personal one....Since it's a new year and all,I tought I'd share what it seems my year will look like so far.When I was a kid,I thought we'd be floating in space by now (being 200 and all)...but too bad.At least there are tons of other awesome things on the calender for this year.

I recently finished my studies in visual arts, so I guess I could refer to myself as an "artist" now.The only problem with that is that it sounds like Ive conquered the world when I say that,so let's be humble here,and call it "aspiring artist".

So yess,that said,my year should be pretty interesting.I am 'jobless" now,but have some stuff in line which could turn out quite neat if all goes well.Other than that,it's also a big year as my sister as well as my best friend will be getting married this year!Not only does this indicate lots of research and labur,but also two brides maid dresses which I'll be wearing with pride...:).

I'm also hoping to travel end of this year.I would like to go see more art and experience proper culture,and not just be overwhelmed by westernization.Apart from all of that,I will challenge my tone deafness and maybe play some music again - go for singing lessons or soething.It's always a good thing to sound decent in the shower...,and besides that I also enjoy singing in the car,so why not make the best of it...Maybe I'll end up skilled enough to do some Beach House/Grouper project :P

I already have some exhibitions lined up,so at lets hope my "aspiration" to become an artist might amount to something?

Other than that,thisyear has soe promising music releases as well (EFTERKLANG),so how bad could it get?

enough mumbling...(I know-I'm terrible at this,never had a diary)

have a blessed year and please keep visiting:)!

Ohhh...and incase you spot loads of spelling mistakes-I blame my new keyboard...

love-"whatever i can think of"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

//ALL CATS AREN'T GREY (note the cure reference-no I wouldn't call myself a fan)

I'm not much of a cat person.I think the only cat I like is Lilah,as she is more social than your usual misfit creature... Another problem is that cat's look very much alike,so what to do when your cat doesn't return home?Do you have to go out on a search mission?It could be fun t wn a cat thoug if you would dcolour their hair,set them free and then serch for them again...