Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sometimes I wish everything was closer to each other, and that there were proper bicycle passages next to the roads here in South Africa. Imagine riding this Bauhaus bicycle instead of having to put up with traffic and fuel prices. If I would be more fit, I'd definitely be in.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have been collecting images of these type of Monuments if for a while now. I suppose what mad them fascinating is that they resembled something "out of this world".I realized many of them had something in common, so I decided to look up what these unconventional monuments are based on. These "Spomenok" monuments are located in Slovenia and serve as mass graves, which are spread throughout the country.In 1945, the at the time Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia set upon a program of purges of political opponents and undesirables at the end of World War II, resulting in over to 400 known mass grave sites holding tens of thousands of victims. source: here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I came across this table ages ago and have been meaning to share it, yet never got to it.What better is there to do on a sunday night then to post on my blog:). This great lazy susan table consists of skateboard trucks keeping the glass surface in position through the perfect 360° rotation and the the rubbery wheels. What flawless and clever design. Price:$ 1750

check it out here.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Man, sometimes I wish Blogger didn't suck so much.This is the third time I am trying to post this.Alas, patience prevails!These items are worth it!

Thought I'd upload three this time since it's been a while since the last Fashion Tips feature!

The navigation shirt!

Whoever thought this one up was probably not aware of a GPRS or had figured that this items 2 in 1 "practicality" would top the latest navigation technology.
Now you can arrive on time and do it with style!

The Nutritional Wristwatch!

I love this wristwatch.Since I find wristwatches to be a bit elaborate nowadays (seriously..doesn't everyone have a cell phone at hand?), this item has given the concept of a wristwatch its second breath!Now there's no need to beat around the bush anymore.You can simply ask...what does your watch display? Bacon 'n eggs, a sandwich, or some roast beef...then you'll be right on track with your nutritional schedule.Isn't that why the concept of time was invented?

Something for the "cool cats"
I don't think this one really needs a write up.The colours are just assertive enough...and nevermind the awesome cat pattern.sold!