Saturday, December 27, 2008

//Stuff that moves me. #1

I thought I'd add a new feature to my blog. I tried to think of "cool" names for it. Yet, in the end I figured I might as well call it "stuff that moves me", as that is what this feature will essentially be about.I've been collecting Tiger images lately. I'm not sure why, but somehow I thought these pictures are appropriate for my first "new feature" post.

So here

Dreamtigers (Tarentel):


I think my favourite fashion tips feature must have been the Zeb-Sweat.Telling from the models hairstyle, the Zeb-Sweat must have been an 80's invention. I kept contemplating what a modern day ZEB-Sweat would look like. My curiousity can be considered fed, as this morning I came accross a Trunk-Sweat. Yes, a Trunk -Sweat would be the same concept of a sweater as the Zeb-Sweat, yet with an Elephant as the featured animal.

The 80's: ("Zeb-SWEAT")


please feel free to comment on which one you prefer...I'm curious:)

I suppose that anything to do with anything scandinavian is bound to be good. This would be the case with the fantastic Mr. Dahlgren.If you also frequently visit image databases, and creativity orientated blogs, then I'm sure you might have encountered his work before.

The piece that caught me is "Heaven is a place on earth". This consists of bathroom scales installed closely together, forming part of the floor the gallery visitor is to walk on.Therefore the viewer is constantly confronted with his/her weight. The emphasis of the scale as something threatening and confronting is overthrown by the multiplicity of scales installed on the floor.Yet, depending on how the visitor feels about his/her weight, the scales could also be compared to plane of hot coals, to be crossed as swiftly and quickly as possible.

check out more of his work: link

Friday, December 19, 2008


Okay..yes..i know..that's hte name of a Tom Waits song, but for a minute forget about that, becasue it is also the name of a great band. I thought i'd do a short write up on this album, as this would also be one of my fav. albums of the year, yet unfortunately it was only released after i had finished my top 2008 list, so let's call it an "honourable mention" if i'm going to b e all official about this stuff..

This album features 10 tracks, which all flow into one long overwhelming sound narrative, if one could call it that.
please check them out:

It is extremely hard for me to write more about this album as it offers a lot of diversity.I guess one could say it has a post metal edge to it , but i think it is also necessary to state that it most definitely does not conform to any genre stereotypes, nor aims to mix up elements of pre existing bands.So if you're up for something with a heavier edge, and are open minded to innovative sounds, just click the above link.





Friday, December 12, 2008

//BEST OF 2008!

I don't know what it is with "best of" lists. I suppose people make "best of" lists to re-confirm what they like and are about, creating a standard according to which everything else is to b e judged.
Another possibility is that it is out of nostalgia, fearing to forget what we like as well as simply enjoying the memory and associations of a certain album.
Therefore i guess the whole concept of making lists, and rating one's music or films, or whatever else, is actually a foolish one.

This year i struggled narrowing down my list to 10 albums. I re-edited it, and still couldn't limit it to 10. Eventually I decided to leave it at 15. The second part, which was rating the albums from 1-15 seemed even more impossible to do. I think nowadays we are more and more exposed to different genres and have so...many more bands and different approaches to music in general and are no longer forced to choose between the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ROlling Stones and Dylan.

Despite having a vast amoumnt of talent to choose from, as well as a great amount of drivvle to seep through, a certain state of mind calls for a certain genre or approach...
Therefore here is my list in no particular order of preference, but just because the listed albums were albums of 2008 that I could relate to this year, whether i was annoyed , calm, hysterical, apathetic or just content...


Boris is simply an amazing band. They are highly prolific, diverse in their approach and despite maintaining the latter, are good at the same time.Boris is a band that can be described as having a personality disorder, yet they seem to use it to their advantage. Smile is a great album as it offers cheesy rock n roll songs with a japanese edge, as well as songs that are less fast paced, beautiful and atmospheric.

//Bon Iver-For emma forever ago

I can imagine that htis album falls under many peoples top of 2008. Bon Iver is amazing though. The album was actually primarily released last year, and was re-released on Jagjaguar in January. Thus I suppose this is not really supposed to fall under 2008, but since it has only received its well deseved attention after being re-released, I think it is fair to squeeze it in. Justin Vern is amazing


This band is great. The reason why (?) this album really impressed me is because it is pretty much hip hop, which is a genre I blatantly dismiss. HI came across why because their cover art for Alopecia seemed pretty humourus, and I was bored of everything I was listening to…

Joni Wolf is a great lyricist.His writing is extremely witty, and that whilst n ot being forced.

//Gregor Samsa-Rest

Rest has gotten a lot of flack within the post rock scene. The post rock kids seem to be bored by the increased presence of vocals. Nonetheless I enjoyed this more than their precedig album 55:12.The album is generally very melancholic, but its extremely heartfelt in a non emeo way.

//Cult of luna-Eternal Kingdom

Wow..Okay, I guess this is no surprise. I loved somewhere along the highway, but this album seems to have raised the bar for all the rapidly emerging post metal bands at the moment. From Owlwood all the way to the end the album keeps introducing new elements, and does not become a formulaic repetition like a lot of bands aiming to imitate C.O.L .


This band is overwhelming!I guess one could call it a mix of heavy shoegaze. The drumming is a little frantic, but the not so prominent vocals, and the albums general pace are great. Definitely something new to come out on Hydra Head.

//Genghis Tron-Board up the House

What a follow up..

I think what I love m ost about this band is how well the vocals work with the electronics. Everything is so well integrated. The vocals are also very screamo which I love. The electronics are amazing though…

//The Samuel Jackson five-Goodbye Melody Mountain

I had heard of this band in the past. I suppose it might have been due to their catchy and quirky name..I read about this album on a forum I frequently visit,and it seemed to get quite a positive response. Since there is currently an overload of repetitive and formulaic post rock I was a little sceptic at first, ut after reading that the band originates from Oslo.

//Envy/Jesu split

Justin Broaderick is propably one of the most prolific musicians I’m familiar with. Often one does become sceptical of an album or ep if an artist churns them out like Big Macs (lame example but you get the point). Jesu has a lot of releases of whicvh most are really good, yet some more than others. This is most certainly one of the good releases I’m referring to. Envy’s tracks are just as great, if not better. I love this split. It is exciting in terms of the involved musicians on one lp!Too bad that this is so terribly difficult toget hold of..I think it’s about time for a U.S release!

//Wolf Parade-At mount. Zoomer

Wolf Parade has haid a tough year. Pitchfork only rated At mount Zoomer a 7.2…DOOOM!What happened next is that everyone els jumped on the bandwagon and called this album a huge disappointment as a follow up to their debut “Apologies to queen mary”. I guess this album is not quite as unique and eclectic as their first, but I think all in all it is a great album. I just love Spencer Krug, and ihis input is very promeninet in this album.The best track would be Kissing the Beehive which is assertive and offbeat, capturing the wolf vibe!

//Beach House-Devotion

These duo has propably written one of the best pop albums of theyear. Perhaps I should not quite refer to it as pop, yet it does have a very catchy sensibility.Not sure how to sum this one up, but it is certainly a band well on their way. I guess the boy girl co-labs always prove to be successful.

//Peter Broderick-Float

Genius!I would say the album I’ve been listening to most this year would be Under Giant Trees by Efterklang. Thus when I heard Peter Broaderick is in Efterklang and produces a variety of solo stuff I was definitely beyond curious. One can say my curious hunger was well satiated. Float is one of two albums brought out by Broderick this year. This is one of his piano driven albums. It’s an album that has manged to put me o sleep many nights after being on a coffee high. Another Glacier is one of the most beautiful songs, as it is simple but honest.


Ta det lugnt is on my top 10 album list. Therefore I could hardly wait for 4 to be released. I would not say that 4 falls under my top albums ever ( a list yet to b e written..hahah), but certainly has edge. The Swedes bring more psychedelia with their dungen edge. I love the Swedish vocals. Apart from this being music that gives you that feeling of “cool”, it gets better when not understanding what their singing about, but knowing it’s awesome because it’s Swedish!

//Sunn o)))-Domkirke

Sunn is a band that many people label as pretentious and boring. I think this album proves that they are not!This was recorded in an old church in Norway, with Earth collaborating on the organs. The vocals (if one can say vocals here) are superb. It goes from chanting into a sort of reserved yelling. So even if one is not necessarily a fan of the Doooom, this has more to offer t han just that. The organs also add a new edge to it which complements the rest.I can’t wait for my LP to arrive in the mail…enough said!

I seem to be on a roll here..

I can’t seem to stop writing.

So I might as well add some other albums I’ve enjoyed this year…

Norma Jean-The Anti-Mother (catchy but good catchy!)

Have a Nice Life-deathconsciousness

Deerhoof-Offend Maggie

Sigur Ros-Med sud…..

Mouth of the Architect-quietly



I seem to have forgot an essential band in my above list, so :

Earth-the bees made honey in the lion’s skull

Kayo Dot-Blue Lambeny Downward

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band-13 blues for thirteen moons

These arms are snakes-The tail swallower and the Dove

Thursday, December 4, 2008


please take a minute and check my art catalogue out here:
//HOT DAMN! Wow...can't believe that I've been so incredibly lazy in terms of posting htis last months!It has been a busy last 4 weeks, and I've been a little distracted posting on another blog "help a brother out". So since I'm already on the topic I might as well continue.. Hence the next title

"Help a brother out!"
The "help a brother out exhibition" was an art event as one may call it, which was founded on hte idea of having people contribute artworks, that would sell for R100- , for which the earnings of the show would be forwarded to charity, or rather to the individuals "Solomon and Mamie". Why do they deserve the money? Well, these individuals are struggeling immmigrants that are suffering the hardships of building a new life in South Africa, and can therefore be regarded as victims of our social circumstances, which as we al are aware of are challenging ones! The money will be used to pay for their tuition fees, in order to help Solomon to obtain a job, and which will therefore hopefully enable him to bring his family to South Africa. Back to the event... The exhibition took place on the 28th november, and featured more than 100 artworks on sale, as well as awesome merchandise, such as badges and postcards etc. The jazz band "Four Seasons" provided the jams and an exclusive "auction" section offered "special" artworks that we auctioned at higher rices. All in all the event was successful, and thus proveed that people do still HAVE HEaRT, as the response was great! can make a change by making art..

click on image to enlarge

"exhibition poster"

Monday, November 10, 2008


Check out these great d.i.y pinhole cameras!In order to make one of these awesome cameras, all you need to do is:

1. go to :here and choose a camera!

2. make sure your printer is loaded! (the thicker the sheet the better..duh!)

3. print

4. cut paste and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As I was browsing the web the other day I came accross this awesome tattoo!I think this is genius, as it is not just a blatant image confronting people. Be sure to always carry a marker around....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

//have a nice life illustrations

I have recently started a blog for all my illustrations.I illustrate under the pseudonym "have a nice life".These illustrations are what keeps me busy when i'm not busy making art, so please enjoy... They are meant to take a light hearted approach to whatever randomness occupies my head, so check it out here

(ps..beware if you're epileptic jokes)

(please click on image to enlarge)

The image had to be deleted, due to legal complications with other exhibition organizers who claimedthe mailer infringes their copyright.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Wow!Been looking for a while now for something that lives up to my previous fashion tips, but this one tops them all!No need to invest in some proper head gear, cuz all you need is a new hairstyle, that is if your hair is appropriate for this "street slicker" style!

enough said!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

//PICTURE OF THE WEEK: the lion killah

This is just another funny image I came accross on fffound last week..I thought it was worth sharing.True randomness! "the lion killah"

Monday, September 8, 2008

//HOLGA since i'm planning on buying a Holga, i figured i'd add a few of the ipcs i've taken with my mate's camera. As soon as i finally have my own camera I will make it a new feature of my blog....

Long live lomography!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Since i'm quite a huge Sigur Ros fan, I figured I'd add this, as the Album cover artist is also a renowned contemporary artist who is worth mentioning!
Sigur Ros cover:(originally titled:highway)

and another one titled "Coley"

check out Ryan Mcginley's website of awesomeness and nakedness here