Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was spending my Sunday evening the way I usually do-reading blogs and making sure I haven't missed any posts on my favourite few...This is when I saw industrial designer Jesper Jonsson's "Moment of a Movement".It's a light that shows traces of time...I suppose in basic terms one could call it a light clock without a face, using lights as shadow blocking hands to operate and thereby referencing the rhythm of natural daylight.The thing that made it catch my eye is the visual similarity it has to Rowan Smith's (one of my favourite local artists) "Extensions of the Universe" (2007)....

So yesss...simply put,there you have it "time & space"..


Jesper Jonsson-
Rowan Smith-(more info here)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Okay,so maybe "hate" is a bit of a harsh word here,but let me get to the point...
Check out the new kid on the block...I know pdfs are the business,but this new file format by WWF
is quite neat.It creates pdfs that cannot be printed.Why you may ask?Well-to help save trees of course...
Let's be fair-one hardly ever reads the stacks of paper one prints out,so why not just keep it digital?

It's even got quite a nice splash icon-
Yes-green is the new red!
download it here
via swissmiss