Saturday, May 1, 2010


I recently went to Cape town.We drove back and made a few stops along the stretch.Matjiesfontein is one of the towns we stopped at.I loved the place,it makes you feel like you're not too sure where you are .Perhaps that is at it is located in the middle of nowhere, in the Karoo strip to be somewhat precise.The whole place just consists of a small road with a few 'houss" and a museum a train station and an hotel.It's one fo those town where the old colonil influence is blatantly visible.The red Beefeater bus (look at the photos),does town tours giving tourists a brief hhistory of the town.Yet,as the town is pretty miniscule thes tours only take 10min.To make things even more interesting,the town is now a national monument which claims that if you stay over you will hear joyful ghosts shooting billiard balls in empty rooms.Oh-and the town even has its own website-check it.

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love made me do it said...

! die pictures sind flippen awesome!!! ich liebe das mit dem umbrella & tisch. damn cool bek!