Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My sidekick from love made me do it x was all bad ass last week and decided to spontaneously get another tattoo.The choice of image was a beautiful protea ilustration found on a saucer which was one of the bargains she claimed at the thrift shop.A friend pointed out that this would make a nice tattoo,and indeed so it does!

When going out to buy groceries (please note,she still had the protective sticker on her tattoo),a little girl asked her (in Afrikaans) "Tannie,is dit 'n aanplak tattoo?",meaning is that an adhesive tattoo.This made me laugh.Just a fun story to share while we are on the subject of tattoos ...

Now,to get to the core of this post...I've been wanting "one of those clouds you draw" as my friend Angelica describe it on the inside of my arm.The only thing that's stopping me is that everytime I have the cash there are tons of other things that need to be paid for,-we all know the drill.So,I figured that until I finally get my own,I will share some images of cool tattoos I've come accross ...enjoi!

PS-I will post an image of my mate's protea once she's figured out how to photograph it:P

but for now-

this last one looks like a drawing,but whatever -would make a sweet chop:P


love made me do it said...

ag hoorie, ich wird sommer morgen mein tattoo fotografieren und dann drueber bloggen :P

Anonymous said...

Jip, "one of those clouds of yours."
can't wait to see it though :)