Friday, June 26, 2009

//THIS AND THAT. It's been a busy week yet again. Not only do I have a lot of deadlines haunting my conscience, but I also have been pretty busy organizing or rather sending out mails for City Slickers, have been trying to get my mikado stuff up and going again, make dust art and nearly sliced off my finger.Phewww. Well, luckily I've still had a few minutes to find new stuff to post.I went to visit one of my favourite blogs this week (, and started reading up on this years Art Basel (so awesome). One link lead to another, and then I came upon this great piece by Tatian Trouvé... check out the gallery which represents her here.

/...One more thing.

Check out this chair chair (double wording intended:)


Joesph Kosuth...beat this!

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Anonymous said...

love it :) sister t