Thursday, June 18, 2009

//CITY SLICKERS. I've been mad busy lately.It seems though that despite how occupied I am, I always find more and more things to fill my schedule with. One of these new "projects" is CITY SLICKERS.City Slickers is an illustration/design exhibition I am currently curating. The exhibition, as the title gives away, is based on the theme "city".The exhibition is a group show that will feature some South African as well as some international illustrators. The works will finally be exhibited in Pretoria and Durban.The first show will be held in Pretoria, at the gallery/design café +27 on the 13th of August! Despite awesome art, the two great bands "a skyline on fire" and "vampire 9000" will be performing. I'll be updating the blog with info on the event, such as some sneak previews of submitted works etc., so please keep visiting! Here's the flyer for the Pretoria exhibition!

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bernard said...

darn! i would have jammed at that exhibition if you were still holding it in July! can't wait! gonna be rocking!