Monday, July 6, 2009


Man, sometimes I wish Blogger didn't suck so much.This is the third time I am trying to post this.Alas, patience prevails!These items are worth it!

Thought I'd upload three this time since it's been a while since the last Fashion Tips feature!

The navigation shirt!

Whoever thought this one up was probably not aware of a GPRS or had figured that this items 2 in 1 "practicality" would top the latest navigation technology.
Now you can arrive on time and do it with style!

The Nutritional Wristwatch!

I love this wristwatch.Since I find wristwatches to be a bit elaborate nowadays (seriously..doesn't everyone have a cell phone at hand?), this item has given the concept of a wristwatch its second breath!Now there's no need to beat around the bush anymore.You can simply ask...what does your watch display? Bacon 'n eggs, a sandwich, or some roast beef...then you'll be right on track with your nutritional schedule.Isn't that why the concept of time was invented?

Something for the "cool cats"
I don't think this one really needs a write up.The colours are just assertive enough...and nevermind the awesome cat pattern.sold!

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