Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow...I literally had a fit of excitement when I came across this!I made a sculpture from straws last year, and can confirm that it is not an easy job...mine definitely didn't look as "spiff" as this..I think I ended up only using 220 straws or so...

Well...this is not quite the case with Scott Jarvie's straw designs...
his Clutch Chair consists of 10,000 rainbow coloured straws!

He even made a spotlight from straws!Amazing...just wonder if they won't melt?


Nonetheless, Jarvie's Chair was selected by Zaha Hadid as her curators choice at Noise Festival 2008!


Go check out some more Scott Jarvie here...

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casey said...

wow - insane. love the concept. milkshake anyone?