Monday, October 12, 2009


I am super amped about this post... I recently met a co-blogger, a.k.a Casey.I suppose that is one great thing about the town of Pretoria - one still meets genuine people. Casey has such an awesome approach to blogging.Instead of taking the lazy approach (like me), she goes out and looks for things she can write about, thereby taking photos and meeting new people, and generally just living large and blogging about it..
So..since we both enjoy blogging we figured it would be pretty rad to contribute to each others blog. Pretty neat hm?! So ...I started off by contributing a weekly "mix tape" to Sibling Mine (that would be the title of her blog), and she came aboard to "whatever i can think of" with the following decent idea...

this is what she put together...

Casey from Sibling Mine....
and I'm going to be paying you a weekly visit from now on.

Maaike asked me to come and play but I just had to decide
where I would take you, and what I shall be sharing with you.
It's almost time for me to leave my home of twenty three years
for the first time - this irrepressible nostalgia lends to revisiting areas
my city.Viewed through my childhood and adolescent eyes,
me as I traipse through my hood.

If only it were on this ....

I have had this getting-a-bicycle idea in my head for a while now. And I just found the perfect lust-worthy
two-wheeled wonder. Salivate more at Electra. ( )

We will be cruising round the 'burbs of the East, the concrete in the CBD, the grit and grime of the West
and a
pretty village in the South. See you soon!

so yourself the favour and go to Sibling Mine, explore it & then bookmark it!

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