Thursday, October 15, 2009


I should probably try go sleep or something but sometimes blogging just seems like a better idea..
I've been wanting to share this list the last few days already, but only remembered to do so now...

The Times encouraged people to vote for their favourite artists since 1900.1.4 million people voted.
The results are not really close to my rankings, but I suppose this is just a fun exercise the paper did to see who people vote as the top 200 based on the merit of popularity.

Let's just say my number one would most definitely be Marcel Duchamp.

have a look at the top ten of the 200:

1.Pablo Picasso

2.Paul Cezanne

3.Gustav Klimt

4.Claude Monet

5.Marcel Duchamp

6.Henri Matisse

7.Jackson Pollock

8.Andy Warhol

9.Willem De Kooning

10.Piet Mondrian

read the whole list here.

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