Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I went to the Design Indaba this year.I wasn't lucky or loaded enough to attend the talks, but nonetheless had a great time looking at what's happening on a creative level in SA.The main thing that blew me away was the great diversity of beautiful off beat jewelery....Vendors included peeps such as Skermunkil (my favourite) and a bunch of other great designers (who's business cards I seem to have lost-fail).Apart from the wonderful accessories, the clothing designers also made quite an impression.I can proudly say that I love "I love Leroy'".Their clothes are simple with wonderful small detail.A big ups also goes to Ronel Jordaan's wool planters, as well as to Grey Meta's Kiaat coffee table...

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take my own photos, but here are a few I found online:)*314/indaba-africa-Ronel-Jordaan-1-square.jpg*314/indaba-africa-Greymeta-square.jpg

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