Thursday, January 28, 2010

//NEW RAFAEL (a.k.a Rafael Rozendaal)

I came accross this artist through listening to a Tate talk (free download via I-store).The talk deals with Non-Static Art in Static Display.This deals specifically with animations or ..........which are hosted on line and can be accessed by the public if the collector decides to make the work accessible to all.These works are often based on a more lighthearted topic,and will probably be categorized as normal entertaining gifs by those who don't look further...Why do I find these works intriguing?Simply because they embody the direction that art is going in and also provide us with art in an ordinary daily context.Enough said...

check out Rafael Rozendaal's work here: +

Since I cant incorporate one website into another,I'll just post some of his drawings based on his interactive works to at least give you something to look at...Yet,please go look at his animations,they're truly awesome!

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