Sunday, January 3, 2010


I decided to make this blog post a slightly more personal one....Since it's a new year and all,I tought I'd share what it seems my year will look like so far.When I was a kid,I thought we'd be floating in space by now (being 200 and all)...but too bad.At least there are tons of other awesome things on the calender for this year.

I recently finished my studies in visual arts, so I guess I could refer to myself as an "artist" now.The only problem with that is that it sounds like Ive conquered the world when I say that,so let's be humble here,and call it "aspiring artist".

So yess,that said,my year should be pretty interesting.I am 'jobless" now,but have some stuff in line which could turn out quite neat if all goes well.Other than that,it's also a big year as my sister as well as my best friend will be getting married this year!Not only does this indicate lots of research and labur,but also two brides maid dresses which I'll be wearing with pride...:).

I'm also hoping to travel end of this year.I would like to go see more art and experience proper culture,and not just be overwhelmed by westernization.Apart from all of that,I will challenge my tone deafness and maybe play some music again - go for singing lessons or soething.It's always a good thing to sound decent in the shower...,and besides that I also enjoy singing in the car,so why not make the best of it...Maybe I'll end up skilled enough to do some Beach House/Grouper project :P

I already have some exhibitions lined up,so at lets hope my "aspiration" to become an artist might amount to something?

Other than that,thisyear has soe promising music releases as well (EFTERKLANG),so how bad could it get?

enough mumbling...(I know-I'm terrible at this,never had a diary)

have a blessed year and please keep visiting:)!

Ohhh...and incase you spot loads of spelling mistakes-I blame my new keyboard...

love-"whatever i can think of"


Ben Rausch said...

It's gonna be an awesome year! Very excited to see what you'll be getting up to in it!

casey said...

I'll be watching you closely ...

Freshly Found said...

An exciting year ahead. I am looking forward to watching it unfold!