Monday, May 18, 2009


I don't really like wristwatches much.Nowadays everyone has a cellphone at hand anyways, which not only tells the time but offers many other gadgets, so I suppose it is valid to say that wristwatches have become sort of redundant, right?
Well, apparently not.Nooka would even give someone like me enough reason to wear a watch. These wristwatches come in the freshest colour and also feature the most beautiful contemporary design.Nooka watches would not only serve the purpose of telling time and showing off little, but actually can be regarded as purely serving the purpose of looking awesome. The only problem with these absolutely innovative watches is that might the occasion arise where a passer by asks for the time, it might be pretty easy for him/her to figure out how bright you are as it might take you a minute or two to respond.

Thus, the question posed is : efficiency / cool?

In this case I'd probably choose cool.

check out their watches here.

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