Tuesday, February 3, 2009

//Octodons Mix (a.k.a scratching hamsters representing)

What a follow up to my vegaterian post.Came accross Stephane Vigny's art today.This is truly innovative.Hamsters in Hamster wheels hooked up to record players.My french is rather poor, so according to my translation (his site is all French), it seems that the middle Hamster controls the crossfading.

The other two hamster on the left and right are running in hamster wheels and are in control of generating the sound, as the wheel is connected to the record player arm.
The middle hamster is in charge of the cross-fading of the mix.This stimulates the sound, and controls which of the two record players become audible, or whether both are audible simultaneously.Most definitely makes hamsters seem like a whole lot more appealing species...

please check out Stephane Vigny's website here.

some good live music!

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