Friday, February 27, 2009


I used to love Skateboarding. I recall a special event that I guess I consider one of my skateboarding enthusiast highlights.If I'm not mistaking, this was 8 or nine years ago. Some guys from the toy Machine tneam came to South Africa to do some demos.This included Ed Templeton.He was one of my favourite skaters at that time,so I was pretty amped. The demo was pretty fun, and afterwards the team signed autographs. I stood in the crowd surrounding Templeton, patiently waiting my turn.When it was my turn, Templeton turned out to be the coolest guy.Here I was , a 15 year old girl standing with a white shirt and red marker in my hand.I got an autograph and an awesome toy machine character drawing on my shirt. Despite that, Templeton was just super friendly and a genuine dude.

Years later I bought myself an art book called L.A artists.Templeton's art was featured in the book... It reminded my of Barry McGee's work which used to appear in skate magazines pretty often back in the day.The book described his gallery installations as "reminding one of the wall of a teenagers bedroom" .Templeton's work features drawings paintings and photos taken whilst on skate tours.His work is honest and documentative,capturing the essence of youth culture, skateboarding and the wonderful inside Templeton's head.

Here are a few images:

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