Friday, December 19, 2008


Okay..yes..i know..that's hte name of a Tom Waits song, but for a minute forget about that, becasue it is also the name of a great band. I thought i'd do a short write up on this album, as this would also be one of my fav. albums of the year, yet unfortunately it was only released after i had finished my top 2008 list, so let's call it an "honourable mention" if i'm going to b e all official about this stuff..

This album features 10 tracks, which all flow into one long overwhelming sound narrative, if one could call it that.
please check them out:

It is extremely hard for me to write more about this album as it offers a lot of diversity.I guess one could say it has a post metal edge to it , but i think it is also necessary to state that it most definitely does not conform to any genre stereotypes, nor aims to mix up elements of pre existing bands.So if you're up for something with a heavier edge, and are open minded to innovative sounds, just click the above link.

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