Thursday, December 4, 2008

//HOT DAMN! Wow...can't believe that I've been so incredibly lazy in terms of posting htis last months!It has been a busy last 4 weeks, and I've been a little distracted posting on another blog "help a brother out". So since I'm already on the topic I might as well continue.. Hence the next title

"Help a brother out!"
The "help a brother out exhibition" was an art event as one may call it, which was founded on hte idea of having people contribute artworks, that would sell for R100- , for which the earnings of the show would be forwarded to charity, or rather to the individuals "Solomon and Mamie". Why do they deserve the money? Well, these individuals are struggeling immmigrants that are suffering the hardships of building a new life in South Africa, and can therefore be regarded as victims of our social circumstances, which as we al are aware of are challenging ones! The money will be used to pay for their tuition fees, in order to help Solomon to obtain a job, and which will therefore hopefully enable him to bring his family to South Africa. Back to the event... The exhibition took place on the 28th november, and featured more than 100 artworks on sale, as well as awesome merchandise, such as badges and postcards etc. The jazz band "Four Seasons" provided the jams and an exclusive "auction" section offered "special" artworks that we auctioned at higher rices. All in all the event was successful, and thus proveed that people do still HAVE HEaRT, as the response was great! can make a change by making art..

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"exhibition poster"

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