Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been looking for a new record player since my old one has retired into a senile state!
I've visited various second hand stores as well as a few lame chain stores that eagerly tried to sell me players that would ruin my attempt of decor in my room...

I came across this lo-fi player on fubiz and think it's THE BUSINESS!

Too bad it only plays 7"inch vinyl! This genius cardboard record player was conceived by a Canadian agency (Grey Vancouver) who dreamed this up for GGRP sound.The only thing is that it might be tricky to keep the record speed constant,as the record player is automated by the users hand-the record has a small insert for a pencil point,which the user then activates through movement...All I'm saying is your arms might get lazy,and the music might end up sounding like a soundtrack to a horror film.

found at fubiz

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