Sunday, November 1, 2009

//PAVEMENT TRAIL by Casey McCusker
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Time: Saturday morning round 9 am

Places: Hazelwood, Maroelana, Alphen Park and Waterkloof

Companion: your best mate

Mood: Market trampling, spruit chilling, movie collecting, pampering planning calamity
Highway exists off N1 Atterbury and (brand new) Garsfontein.

2.Start at Hazel Food Market-a firm favourite amongst locals, which features fabulous food fare and a mountain of tasty treats.You can park your car here for the morning, car touts abound promise to take care of it.Enjoy a coffee and pasteis on bales of hay, absorbing the atmosphere with a Saturday smile.Buy some quality cheese, flaky floury roles, mean Polish salami and a freshly squewezed orange juice for your picnic basket-ready to head off to number 3.

3.Follow Pinaster street down to the Waterkloof spruit, where you can while away a good part of an hour under the bluegum trees,augmented by treacles of water closeby.Gorge on your market goodies whilst spotting cloud shapes and reflecting on the week gone by.

4. Maroelana centre, right on the spruit, houses both Gaslight and the fabulous Chinese supermarket YAt Kee.The former is a specialist dvd and video store to fill your every art house and foreign film fancy, Yat Kee will take care of any Chinese ingredients or other miscellaneous goodies you may need.Good to know, hidden around the corner you can find Full Moon (previously Cafe Arc).Find out what's happening at this alternative lounge- should Metal, Industrial or Goth form the basis of your music library-or not.

5.Explore Cape Connection, a small haven nestled amongst the bustle of east heading traffic.Book some pampering sessions at the centre-titled spa, treat yourself with a fabulous new haircut at Cheveux and enjoy a decent cuppa or recommended chai tea at La Vie. Lastly, pick out some uniquely sourced flowers, such as White King Proteas at Carri' Flora.

6.An interesting stop awaits you at the corner of Garsfontein and Dely at number 6, on the last stretch back to your vehicle on Dely Rd. It's a great spot for an ahem, cigarette, if that indeed tickles your fancy.The grafitti changes infrequently at this bizarre, desolate, half-disposed erf.Pass by the Pretoria Country Club and golf course to your left.The clubhouse and larney drinking hole,The Saffron, is a good place to afternoon tea or for a glass of champagne.Pick up your vehicle and take a short drive up to classic suburban indulgences

thanks Casey for making such a mission...loving this contribution.

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