Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Nowadays, space is a luxury.Our population grows daily, this calls for new living space.Therefore, due to a rapidly increasing population, the space assigned to each individual decreases.In other words, your living space is minimalized, forcing you to cram your life into an area of about 25m².
Claustrophobic yet?

Since I'm quite a messy person and do like my space, I must say that these apartment rucksacks left me impressed!I recently based a whole body of work (artworks) on the theme of air property and comodifying air to the extent where society colonizes the sky.I suppose this apartment rucksack can be seen as a subtle version of my vision:).

These rooms function as an extension of your apartment (from your window), fixed to your apartment building, by hanging from chains.The room has little perspex windows through which you can observe the city life below you, and also allows natural light t come in.These cubes also have fold out desks, benches etc., which you can use according to your preferences.

Pretty neat!Too bad i'm scared of heights....
Nonetheless, absolutely effective design!

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