Sunday, January 6, 2008

Allright!…So since my first blog served more as an introduction than as a proper blog post, this can be regarded as my first official post .In this first post I’ll start off by writing something short on art…

Please do keep in mind that I am not some sort of uber-qualified art critic, as in fact I am only an art student, with three years of art history behind me. So by no means do I attempt to fully understand the workings of the art world yet. These write ups are only meant to make more people aware of what I observe happening around me and that which I stumble across, while trying to obtain a broader insight.

Anthea Moys
Still from 94.7 Cycle Challenge performance, staged in JHB:

The above image is of a South African Artist Anthea Moys, whom recently had an “exhibition”(it was only a one night event) at Intermission, and formed part of the e-invitation I received. Just as most images I receive vie e-mail, I quickly opened the image, decided it was worth the 26.5kb and saved it only to be forgotten about. I only came across it again at a later stage, only to rediscover its blatant wit, which demanded my attention in first place. I still find Moys’ work very innovative as the artist includes her surroundings into what she is exploring, thereby creating a transforming dialogue between her location, its people and the event.

The main theme Moys seems to revisit in her work that I have come across, is a strong sense of experiment, testing how far she can shake a situation out of its familiar context, challenging her surroundings, and thereby playing with any given situation that presents itself in daily life.

Check out the artists website for a thorough introduction to her work:

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